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2013…gym, rugby and general fun times

So today saw the first day of restarting my gym.  Had a meeting with a mate who is a PT and discussed goals, current weight, likes/dislikes etc.  So on top of my weekly rugby training I HAVE to go to the gym twice a week.  Yes majority of people say you need to go three times a week but this is to get me back into the gym.  So below is what I have to do:

6 weeks - basic toning:
Gym 1

30 mins cardio (2-3 mins on rower, 27 mins on treadmill/bike; medium-high intensity)
30 mins weights
Weights - 3 sets of 10 reps:
1 Chest - chest flyes (dumbells)
2 Back - upright row (machine)
3 Shoulders - upright rows (barbell)
4 Arms - biceps curl (dumbells) & tricep dips
5 Legs & core - walking lunges (dumbells) & plank/sit ups

Gym 2
W/up on rower 5 mins
1 Legs - squats, dead lifts, leg press, lunges on to bench/box
2 Chest - bench press/chest press followed by as many press ups as possible
3 Shoulders - lateral raises/shoulder press
4 Back - w/up with as many chins ups as possible - lat pull down
5 Arms - alternate between tricep pull down and biceps curl
6 Core - 3-4mins set of 10 reps:
Sit ups
Chest raise
Woodchops (med ball) - LtoR and RtoL

So in the morning it is photo time (I shall NOT be posting it) so I can compare myself in 6 weeks time.  Oh and cannot weigh myself till the end of week 6 too.

So rugby…been playing for about 6 months now.  So much fun, not only the training, games but the social side too.  Yes, I have sustained injuries and bruises but it has made me feel more settled in Cardiff now too.  Oh and we won in Edinburgh, and against Birmingham too :-)

2013 is going to be my year, I can feel it!

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So I have just been emailed my measurements from my PT session earlier this month 03/04/12 along with the changes since the start of 2011:

  • Waist: 103.0cm (-10.0cm)
  • Hips: 105.4cm (-9.6cm)
  • L Thigh: 64.6cm (-1.4cm)
  • R Thigh: 66.0cm (-2.0cm)
  • L Bicep: 38.0cm (-1.0cm)
  • R Bicep: 38.0cm (-2.0cm)
  • Chest: 109.0cm (-8.0cm)

So my thighs and biceps haven’t really changed much but I am planning on getting back into the gym and getting my weights back to where they were asap

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Brief Fitness update

So after a very rocky start to my fitness in 2012 and my weight ballooning back up to 108kg beginning of March, I am pleased to say as of this morning it is back down to 100.3kg.  I had a PT session back home with Gem which was useful.  My measurements were taken for which I will update you with when I have a copy in my inbox but I can already tell that my waist is smaller as my jeans are much baggier than before.   

The aim is to be down to 75kg by September so I have a lot of work to do but with the weather starting to become nicer (hopefully) I shall be getting back on my bike and riding around Cardiff.  I need to increase my cycling fitness as I am now a member of the St John Cymru Wales, South Wales Region Cycle Responder Unit so will be riding around more with a heavier bike.

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Once more into the big smoke

So once again I have headed back to London to see Andy and a few others friends.  Was a bit of mixed weekend, my main aim of the trip was the photography course I had booked with Frui with one of their tutors; Alex, who was amazing. 

He completely de-mystified the manual settings on my camera   My previous post has a few of my shots taken on the day and one on the following day.  Heading back into the city on Wednesday to do some more experimenting and exploring different places to shoot.  Any suggestions you guys have would be great.  Mike (@MJMcAuliffe) has already recomended heading back to Canary Wharf and doing some more architectural shots, but if anyone else has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

Speaking of Mike, quick catch up over coffee was much overdue.  Only known him since October 2011 but has made such a big impact, who couldn’t love that cuddly Essex boy :-)  My other good mate; Andy, draged me to Crystal Palace park Saturday morning at 8am for a fitness bootcamp.  Is it me or was that just cruel??  I did manage to survive and felt great for the rest of the day.

Anyway after a long weekend I am back at the parents so I am going to curl up in bed and get some well deserved rest.

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Plan for 2012

"2012 is going to be my year"

That is what I thought just before it all started.  Instead of celebrating the arrival of the New Year, I spent it in bed by 10pm with a headache and then woke up at 3 sweating.  Not the best of starts.  So here I am January 2nd 2012 popping paracetamol and drinking copious amounts of water trying to fight this cold that has developed.

It is going to be a busy year with university but personally I am planning on starting that new chapter that everyone says at this time of year and hit the fitness thing again. This time last year I weighed about 120kg and as of last week was down at 104kg which in a year I am impressed with.  The biggest loss I have had in a long time.  So below are my measurements as of 27/12/11 along with the changes since the start of 2011:

  • Waist: 107.2cm (-5.8cm)
  • Hips: 109.6cm (-5.4cm)
  • L Thigh: 63.4cm (-2.6cm)
  • R Thigh: 64.0cm (-4.0cm)
  • L Bicep: 38.0cm (-1.0cm)
  • R Bicep: 38.2cm (-1.8cm)
  • Chest: 112.0cm (-5.0cm)

So as you can see I haven’t done too badly.  I am working on my nutrition mainly at the moment but I shall be back in the gym when I am over this cold.  So if any of my followers can suggest any good recipes I would be grateful.

I am also going to try and go on a few more dates.  Had a few last year but none lead anywhere but friendship so hopefully being in a new city will open up new possibilities :-) 

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Review 2011

"525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year?"

Those lyrics always remind me that in a space of a year you have the chance of creating over half a million memories or “moments” that you’ll treasure, and I find at this time of year I reflect on the past 12 months and remember the good times, the bad times and all those in-between moments. So back in January, the start of 2011 how did I bring in the New Year? Well I was at work on my second of three night shifts. We had our own little party, and like many people I sent a few texts to those important to me. Little did I know then how much I would change in the next 525,600 minutes.

I had recently applied to go back to university to study nursing so early on in 2011 I received offers of interviews up and down the country. The first was Cardiff and if I am honest it was the only one I was ever going to accept. The interview went really well and was a great way to end a short trip back to Aberystwyth and Cardiff. The next few months flew by. Spending most of my time working but did manage to get two ski trips away enjoying over 10 days of mountain air and snow. I came home to an offer from Cardiff in May…only 3 months after the interview. That offer triggered the start of the current phase in my life. I started looking for places to live in Cardiff. Finally settled on my current place. I love it here and moved in early September. But before that I had an amazing two weeks at Wimbledon with St John Ambulance which culminated with me meeting an amazing guy from twitter who has become one of my closest friends (@andycodling).

Once I got back to work post-Wimbledon it just flew by before the day came in September when I moved.  My final shift was a night shift; not the hardest one I have had but not the easiest either.  I got draged into the staff room at handover and my boss gave a little speech.  Needless to say I did get a little emotional.  I got home slept for a few hours then packed the car and was gone; 190 mile ahead of me but when I got here for the final move (I had done several trips across with car loads of belonging) it was great to have a place I can call my own.   

Since the move the rest of the year has flown by with trips to Edinburgh and London (see an older post) and starting my course at university.  So what have I to remember from 2011?

  • Spreading my wings
  • The loss of my Grandad
  • Some amazing new friends
  • Some great old friends
  • Some awesome trips to visit friends

What am I planning for 2012?  

Well lets just say things can only get better :-D

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Let the festivities begin


So at the weekend my “wife” came down from Birmingham to visit for a weekend of fun.  It gave me a chance to escape from the usual weekend tasks of doing uni work and spend time exploring Cardiff and just relaxing.  So Friday evening we chilled in a bar in town and then froze awaiting a taxi to come home. Saturday we had a little trek to the Bay for brunch and then into town for shopping.  The Bay was lush, quiet of people and allowed me to grab a couple of photos. 


Town was heaving with people trying to find that last minute Christmas deal.  What made it bearable was the amount of Gingerbread Lattes I consumed that day and the banter between myself, the wife and her mate Emma…and the hottie spotting. I think I visited almost every shop looking for a dress for Charly along with shoes for the both them.  Saw some nice ones and some absolutely shocking ones; who on earth would wear heals that are covered in spikes?!

That evening was Pizza, booze and XFactor before heading into town for another night filled with alcohol, dancing and boys.  Charly was a nervous wreck waiting for a guy she met last time she was in Cardiff.  He didn’t meet the expectations based on her description of him that we had heard ALL weekend since he said he was coming out.  Seemed nice enough though.  That was a very expensive night, the bar/club we ended up in was rammed and cost about £7 a double vodka and lemonade!!  This is Cardiff not London!  We said our goodbyes then and they girls (+ Charly’s man) headed off to their hotel and I came home and passed out.  

Looking back on the weekend I loved it, but right now I need to get on with this essay as I have more friends down this weekend and they look like they might be staying a while so for now goodbye.  Remember, it is Christmas time.  Relax, enjoy yourselves, but most of all be safe x

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"Getting to Zero"


“Getting to zero” is the theme for World Aids Day 2011 - zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. 

According to the UK Health Protection Agency, an estimated 91,500 people in the UK are living with HIV in 2010 with 25% of these unaware of their infection.  These 25% are an area that need tackling as without knowing your HIV status you could pass on the infection to other sexual partners, this can be more dangerous than having sexual intercourse with someone who knows that they are HIV+.  

With modern medication many can manage their viral load with just one tablet a day to keep it at an undetectable level. Unfortunately for some this isn’t the case, fellow tweeter @guy_interruptd recently wrote a new blog post for which I urge you to all read about his experience of living with HIV (http://sexdrugssausagerolls.wordpress.com/). 

As a gay man myself yes I worry about contracting HIV (and other STIs) but that is why I go and get tested.  I am not one of the five who decline HIV testing on visiting sexual health/GUM clinics.  I do this for no other reason than wanting to know my status so I can be clear about my sexual health.  Unfortunately for one of my close friends he isn’t so lucky.  Being HIV+ doesn’t mean a life sentence.  All of you, please, do me (and yourself) a favour…get tested. 

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Weekend of fun and madness

Right well first off HELLO!!  This is my first blog on tumblr.  Did used to blog a bit on another site but decided to give this a go.

So this weekend just gone I left Cardiff for a weekend of fun in London with two guys I have met through twitter.  Firstly may I introduce the awesome Michael (@MJMcAuliffe), a fellow 20 something who has a passion for doing silly things for good causes.  Secondly Andy (@AndyCodling).  Again an amazing guy who not only works full time but volunteers with the Met Police too.

Anyway, enough of the introductions.  I had been planning this trip since being in Edinburgh a few weeks ago after Andy invited me down for his flat warming.  Trains were all booked then my University decided to change the timetable thus putting me in lectures when I had my train booked for…I still managed to make the original train thanks to a very quick lecture and the bus to town arriving just as I left the building.  The train journey was over in a flash of a few tweets and texts.  

I agreed to meet Michael at his work and drop my bags off with him so I could explore Oxford Street without luggage.  We agreed to meet in Starbucks.  His text directions left me somewhat confused…”Head to the Starbucks opposite…”  So I did, the Starbucks opposite the Tube Station.  Not a sign of him…he was in the one less than 2 minutes down the street opposite his office block.  Bless him.  It had been less than 3 weeks since we last saw each other in Edinburgh but it seemed longer.  

So off I go into town to buy some new clothes using my overdraft and a gift card I got for my birthday in September.  After shopping; window and actual, I had about an hour to kill before Michael would meet me in town.  So where else does a student go but to the pub.  Here starts the drinking for the night.  One pint later Michael arrives and we meet up and head off to Soho.  Few more drinks then a short Italian known as Sergio (@SergioMallardo) joined us for some food at Wagamama, via Temple to drop my bags off with Michael’s flat mate…I ended up changing in the middle of the street.

After food, back to Soho, more drinks and catching up then on to G-A-Y which was free to get into but dead on our arrival.  We waited it out, Steps concert on the tv, various drinks.  Left about 1.30 to head back to Michael’s.  Was a great night and one I would do again.

Saturday was nice and peaceful during the day, nice long lie in. Nandos for breakfast/lunch.  Got my haircut and just generally chilled before heading South of the river to go see Andy.  

Andy’s flat warming consisted of wine, wine and more wine.  How I didn’t have a hangover on Sunday I do not know.  Again, made it in late and was out like a light in no time.  Breakfast/Lunch this time was at Browns near Tower Bridge before pegging it back to Paddington for my train.  Andy had come with me to see me off.  Was a bit emotional for me as I’d had a fantastic weekend and this symbolised the end of it.

Good news is that Andy is visiting in under a month :-)

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